A Complete Overview on the Sports Handicapper

When you are betting on sports, you might see the word handicapper. It is an interesting word but is not very self-descriptive, so if you are new to the world of sports betting, you might be wondering what it means.

But, that is not what when we refer to handicappers in relation to sports betting. In this example, the term refers to someone who analyzes and studies sporting events to find an edge when placing bets on games. Anyone can do it, but expert handicappers will spend hours thinking over figures, facts, and statistics in the hope of finding a chunk of information that will give them a benefit when filling in their betting slips.

The factors handicappers might look at include past performance in the same games, the number of back-to-backs away games a team has competed in, injuries, and the form of individual players. They might even have developed their own tactical models to aid them to do this. Some handicappers keep their insights to themselves, while others might share them. The team of expert sports handicappers publishes their picks ahead of every major game to help you make the most excellent bets on your selected sport.

Different Types of Handicappers

Some handicappers get included in just about anything that they can bet on, making picks for football through the fall and winter, tennis and golf during the summer, and basketball in the spring. These are often referred to as “generalists”. However, most handicappers like to specialize, focusing on one or two sports, instead of spreading their attention thinly across a broader selection. This enables them to spend longer analyzing, researching and making their picks.

It is hard to say exactly which kind is better, as there are great handicappers in both groups. At least in theory though, specialists should do better as they have the time to build a better understanding of their chosen sport.

Some handicappers will base their picks on models that they have developed, feeding on data that they collect to make predictions. These are not infallible but can have strong track records in making winning picks. Other sports handicappers like to base their predictions on opinion and feeling. That is not to say they are just spitting in the wind, they still use their research to form these opinions, but they prefer not to have prearranged systems make the decisions for them.

You will find every kind of bet covered by handicappers as well. Some might prefer one type of bets, such as a money line or a spread, others will differ their bet type based on the odds on offer and the insight that they have gained from their research. That said, the most ordinary betting picks are:

• Over/Under Picks
• Moneyline Picks
• Parlay Picks
• Picks Against the Spread

You can find expert picks from handicappers for just about every sport. At IntPicks, the team covers all of the major leagues, including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NCAA. They also publish picks for horse racing, college games, and international competitions.

IntPicks Review combines unparalleled data crunching, simulating the games 50,000 times with the actual players, including the factors like the motivation of the injuries, players, the venue, and much more.

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